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Indian Embassy in Kathmandu , Nepal

Visa Fees
Download India Visa Form


Requirements for Visa

  1. Applicants are advised to obtain Indian visas from the Indian Missions located in the country where they normally reside. The Embassy of India in Kathmandu will normally entertain visa applications only from foreign nationals residing in Nepal. However, transit/tourist visa applications from foreigners visiting Nepal for short periods will be entertained.
  2. Applicants are required to be present at Embassy of India, Kathmandu for interview before grant of visa.
  3. Transit Visas are not extendable in India and are operative from the date of issue. Such visas are meant only for bona-fide transit and not for general purposes like tourism.
  4. Tourist Visas which are now valid for 6 months are issued only to those foreigners who have no residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective in visiting India is recreation, sight-seeing or casual visits to friends and relatives. Tourist visas count from the date of issue and cannot be extended or converted into any other category in India.
  5. Repeated applications for tourist visas will not be entertained .
  6. All visas other than transit visas are issued only after telex clearance is received from the Indian Mission in the country to which the applicant belongs. This process takes around 1 week after telexes are sent. Applicants should therefore be prepared to wait for one week after telex clearance is sought before visas are issued to them . Telex clearance charges are Nrs. 300/-.
  7. References made to the authorities in India take at least 8 weeks for examination and clearance. Applicants are advised not to make repeated enquiries from this Mission during this period.
  8. The Embassy of India in Kathmandu is the sole authority for dealing with all matters concerning issue of India visas to foreign nationals in Nepal. Applicants are advised not to contact any other agencies/individuals for this purpose. Visa application forms are available, on request, at the Embassy.
  9. Applicants are required to furnish two passport size photographs while filling up the application form.


Visa Fees

TYPE OF VISA VISA FEE (In Nepali Rupees)
Transit Visa (Upto 15 days) 350
Tourist Visa (Upto 6 months) 2,100
Other Visas (Upto 6 months) 2,750
Other Visas (Upto 1 year) 3,450
Student Visa (Upto 5 year) 3,450
Long Term Visa (For 1 to 5 year) 6,900
Extra Fee Nationals of USA 14,00

N.B. Nationals of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Hungary, Mongolia, Namibia, Poland, San Merino, Uruguay, South Africa, Argentina and Jamaica are entitled to Gratis visas

NOTE: All information has been taken from government of india website and other websources . Please check with local embassy / consulate for accurate information.

Download India Visa Form
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