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Indian Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Visa Fees
Download India Visa Form


Requirements for Visa

Nationals of countries other than Bangladeshi may please note the following:

I. Applicants, other than those residing in Bangladesh, are advised to normally obtain visa from the Indian Mission located in their country of origin or residence. High Commission of India in Dhaka will normally accept application from foreign nationals residing in Bangladesh. It may be noted that application form for national of other countries is different from that for nationals of Bangladesh.

II. Foreign nationals, other than those of Bangladesh, are required to pay visa fee. To obtain fee schedule click here. Visa fee, once paid, cannot be refunded even if the application is withdrawn or the visa is refused.

III. The requisite form with required documents may be submitted at the India Visa Application Centre at the following address:

India Visa Application Centre
House no 12 Road no. 137
Gulshan - 1
Dhaka - 1212
Phone: 0171 594 495(Mobile) Fax: 88 02 956 3991 Email: [email protected]

IV. A non-refundable application fee is charged from the applicant by the India Visa Application Centre run by the State Bank of India. The timings are 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs for depositing and collection of passports. The centre is open on all working days from Sunday to Thursday except holidays.

V. Special visa application forms are required to be filled in by the citizens of Pakistan (04 copies with 04 photos).

VI. There are certain restricted / protected areas in India for which in addition to visa a permit is required in order to visit those places. A list of such places can be obtained from the High Commission along with the procedure for obtaining the special permit.

Visa Fees

Visa fee schedule (General)
Visa fee schedule (General)
Amount in Bangladeshi Taka
Transit Visa (Single/Double)
Tk. 550.00
Student Visa (Valid for the duration of the Course or a period of  5 years, whichever Is less Multiple entries)
Tk. 4125.00
Student Visa (6 months and upto one year)
Tk. 3575.00
Business/Tourist Visa upto six months (Single/Double)
Tk. 2200.00
Business/Tourist visa for over 6 months and upto One year (Multiple entries)
Tk. 3575.00
Business/Tourist visa valid for over 1 year and Upto 5 years (Multiple entries)
Tk. 7150.00
General : Transfer of visa from old passport
To new one - service charge
Tk. 275.00
Restricted/Protected Area Permit
Telex fee (for clearance purpose)
Tk. 230.00

Visa fee schedule (US Nationals)
Visa fee schedule (US Nationals)
Amount in Bangladeshi Taka
Transit (15 days Single/Double entry)
Tk. 1650.00
Business/Tourist 6 months single/Multiple
Tk. 3300.00
Business/Tourist 1 year Multiple
Tk. 4675.00
Business/Tourist 5/10 years Multiple
Tk. 8250.00
Student Visa (6 months)
Tk. 3300.00
Student Visa (6 months and upto one year)
Tk. 4675.00

Service Charges
Romanian Nationals: Service Charge
Tk. 285.00
Russian Nationals    : Service Charge
Tk. 2200.00


NOTE: All information has been taken from government of india website and other websources . Please check with local embassy / consulate for accurate information.

Download India Visa Form
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